Through the Valley of Shadows (S02E12)

The Red Bursts have lead Discovery to Boreth, the Klingon planet that houses Tyler and L’Rell’s baby but also TIME CRYSTALS. Fate leads the latest episode “Through the Valley of Shadows” and we indeed get a glimpse of things to come. Everyone has their allegiance to humanity and Star Fleet called into question. No biggy. We discuss fan theories, Spock’s butt and much more. Join us.

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  • The Gantt chart, invented by American engineer Henry Gantt a little over a century ago, is a widely-used planning tool in which horizontal bars show the dependencies, processes and tasks on a timeline for a large project. You’ve probably seen one.
  • The kind of cut Ben is talking about between Saru’s face and the Boreth monastery is a “match cut“.
  • Adventure Time is a Cartoon Network show following the adventures of Finn, the last human alive on a magical post-apocalyptic Earth, and his best friend Jake, a magical talking dog. The Ice King is one of their main antagonists (and sometimes a tragic figure they try to befriend); he has blue skin, white hair and a white beard, and rules the Ice Kingdom with magical ice powers granted to him by his crown. (Carla and Ben both love Adventure Time.)
  • The Adventure Zone is a big famous Dungeons & Dragons podcast. In the comic books adapting their first story arc “Balance”, the character of Taako the elf wizard is depicted with blue skin.
  • Narnia is the magical kingdom in C S Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia books, beginning with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Narnia is reached from our world through various magical portals and doorways, and it’s established that time there flows much faster than on Earth.
  • The Gay Magical Elf is a riff on the Magical Negro trope – described by Bret Easton Ellis in his essay of the same name. The Gay Magical Elf’s sexuality is unchallenging and usually serves to progress the straight characters plot line.
  • B’Elanna Torres is the half-human, half-Klingon former Maquis and engineer aboard the USS Voyager. She’s great.
  • In the fiction of Doctor Who, Davros is the creator of the Daleks, the race of mutants in advanced “travel machines” who constantly try to dominate the universe. He was introduced in the 1975 serial Genesis of the Daleks, which established the pre-Dalek culture of the Kaleds as being basically nazis. His motorised wheelchair, which also provides him with life support, is basically the bottom half of a Dalek.

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  1. Star Trek Discovery is the first ST series to have a black female lead and it seems as though fans can’t forgive the series for it. All these hopes or “speculation” that Michael will leave/die don’t make sense. Yet these comments are shockingly common. When you take all this desperation to get rid of the first WOC lead in the franchise along with the gushing over white supporting characters who you want to replace them, it’s impossible not to be suspicious of your motives.

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