Such Sweet Sorrow, part two (S02E14)

It’s Discovery’s season two finale! After some heart stopping battles and combat scenes, we see her crew sail off into the future (or is it?). Who will you miss the most? Will it be us? We’d love to hear all your thoughts about season two as a whole and where it is going in the future. Thanks for listening, contributing and welcoming us into the Star Trek fan community! Stay tuned, we will have a wrap up episode soon.

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Show Notes

  • Ben and Carla really enjoyed this Hollywood Reporter interview with Alex Kurtzman about the Discovery finale and the future of Star Trek.
  • As discussed in episode 10 of Pratchat, Fred Astaire’s amazing dance from 1951’s Royal Wedding uses a rotating set to achieve similar effects to the Georgiou-Nhan-Leland fight sequence. It can be found on YouTube here, and you can also watch this fan-altered version that shows you how it was done.
  • The Star Trek: Voyager episode “Living Witness” is set approximately 700 years in the future of the Delta Quadrant, and features a copy of the Doctor’s program being activated and disputing the twisted history told of Voyager’s encounter with the Kyrians.
  • A Starfleet Academy series was reportedly being developed by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage as far back as June 2018, though its current status is unknown. Schwartz and Savage created and/or produced teen dramas The O.C., Gossip Girl and Runaways. The O.C., coincidentally, starred the other, more famous Ben McKenzie, now better known for playing James Gordon on Gotham.
  • The first indiepodfest will be held over the weekend of July 12-14 at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute in Brunswick, Melbourne. Watch out for notice of the festival’s crowdfunding campaign coming to Pozible in the near future!
  • Carla’s other podcasts are Club Soderbergh and Across the Aisle.
  • Ben’s main other podcast is Pratchat.
  • Splendid Chaps Productions’ time travel comedy Night Terrace is currently on BBC Radio 4 Extra.The behind the scenes after-show podcast is On the Terrace.
  • Star Trek: Discovery’s companion show for season two was The Ready Room, in which host Naomi Kyle interviewed members of the cast and crew. It aired on CBS All Access, and was also made available on the official Star Trek Facebook page.

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