The Red Angel (S02E10)

In “The Red Angel” we finally meet… the Red Angel! But not before a moving funeral for Airiam and an episode heavy on reconciliation and reveals. It’s an episode full of heavy lifting and angst for Michael as she reconciles with Spock, Tyler, Georgiou, her parents death and her mother. Phew, some full circle stuff happening here and much for team re:Discovery to discuss – especially the most controversial moment in “The Red Angel”: Spock’s EV-suited butt. Join us in the healing.

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  • A lobotomy is a form of psychosurgery, a neurosurgical treatment of a mental disorder that involves severing connections in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. A transorbital lobotomy (not “sub-orbital”, as Ben describes it) is performed without making a hole in the skull, by insertion of a sharp instrument through the eye socket, above the eye. It was popularised by the American Dr Walter Freeman, who originally performed them with an icepick before developing a tool specifically for the task. Fun fact: Ben once played a psychiatrist haunted by the ghost of Walter Freeman in a five-minute musical titled The Lobotomist.
  • It was in “Light and Shadows” (S02E07) that we first discovered Leland is responsible for Michael’s parents death. Our recap is here.
  • MMA is short for mixed martial arts, a brutal full-contact fighting competition which allows fighters to use any martial arts style they like.
  • According to Memory Alpha Pike joined the Enterprise as Captain Robert April’s first officer before being promoted to Captain and commanding the ship for five years before joining the crew of Discovery. He’ll be captain of the Enterprise for almost another decade, when Kirk takes the helm in 2265.
  • We first find out that Admiral Cornwell is a therapist in the episode “Lethe” (S01E06) when, already concerned over Lorca’s behaviour, she sleeps with him and wakes up to a phaser pistol at her throat. She deems Lorca too far gone to remain captain and recommends he be suspended immediately for psychiatric evaluation.
  • Scotty is around 35 at the time of Discovery. He began his Starfleet career in 2241 and by the time of Star Trek: Discovery season two it’s 2257. He could and would be a great addition to Discovery.
  • Sulu’s sexuality, like that of many of the original series crew, is rarely addressed. There are however several hints that he is attracted to women, most notably his interest in Uhura while under the influence of polywater intoxication in “The Naked Now”. He later has a daughter who serves as the helm officer aboard the Enterprise-B, though it’s never revealed if she has other parents, or who they are. In 2257, Sulu would have been at Starfleet Academy completing his flight training.
  • There is no age information for Yeoman Janice Rand – as she was a Lieutenant (Junior Grade) aboard the Enterprise it is highly unlikely that should would have even been in Starfleet Academy during the time of Discovery.
  • Carla attended “Star Fleet Academy Experience” in New York City in September 2016 during the 50th year anniversary celebrations.

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