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Blasting off January 8!

Welcome to re:Discovery! At the edge of the universe, this podcast begins…on January 8! (We’re on Australian Eastern Daylight Time, so a day in the future for anyone listening on the other side of the international date line).

We’ll drop an episode every Tuesday; the first couple will cover what’s come before, and then we’ll start with the recaps from January 22. That means we’ll be coming out in between episodes, so you’ll have plenty of time to make sure you’ve seen the episode we’ll be talking about.

While you’re waiting for us to start, you might be interested in our other podcasts! Carla Donnelly is co-host of Across the Aisle, a performing arts review and discussion podcast, with teacher and writer Philip Thiel. Across the Aisle won Best Arts & Entertainment at the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards. Carla also hosts Club Soderbergh with Maggie Scott and Jessie Scott, in which they watch and discuss the films of director Steven Soderbergh. Meanwhile Ben McKenzie co-founded Splendid Chaps Productions with the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary podcast Splendid Chaps, and currently co-hosts the monthly Terry Pratchett book club podcast Pratchat with writer Elizabeth Flux.

Carla and Ben are hoping to bring the same irreverence, fun, passion and warmth to re:Discovery as they have their previous projects; we hope you’ll come along for the ride!