Season 3! Season 4! Will we be back?

Hi Disco fans! Ben here. A few new people have been finding our little show as Discovery goes from strength to strength, so it seemed like a good idea to post something on the site.

Carla and I have been pretty busy with various professional and personal things, so we definitely didn’t have time to make another season recapping Discovery season 3 as it came out! We have talked a few times about whether we might do a special episode or two with our thoughts on season 3 (broadly: heck yeah!) and/or Star Trek: Picard season one, but so far we’ve not had the time – nor has our listenership been so large as to suggest it’d be warranted.

But, if that’s something you’d like to hear – or if you’d like to hear our thoughts on Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds, Prodigy or any of the other incredible array of new Trek shows coming out, including Discovery season 4 – let us know! We’re still watching our social media, and you can email us at